Girls In The Hobby?

For the first time since my girlfriend and I had begun flying R/C model airplanes, we had decided to check out a local flying club. The club was called the Eugene Aeronauts and the meeting we ended up sitting in on was the election for next year’s club officers. It was incredibly interesting to hear how the club worked and operated and the idea of being a part of one soon was pretty exciting for us.
Although I already knew a bit about how scarce girls were in the hobby, I had no idea the kind of attention my girlfriend (Kira) would get when diving into a meeting like this. When the officers were talking to us about what it would cost for us to join, they were discussing the bylaws which detailed what the initiation fee was for new members. By the sound of the discussion, the bylaws seemed only specific about men and their sons joining.
Apparently, there is a $100, one-time initiation fee to join and $60 annual dues after that. Members at the meeting seemed confused as to whether it was a fee that they extended to each member of a separate house hold, or if a father paid an initiation fee and the son living with his father would not have to pay the fee again because he lived in the same household. The confusion came when they were discussing that the bylaws seemed to only address male members wishing to join.
In the end, we left the members considering the need to amend the bylaws simply because of our presence at the meeting. If that doesn’t shed some light on how rare it is to run into a female in the hobby, I don’t know what is.

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